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Professional Services

This offering ensures the transition from legacy systems to ServiceNow, redesigning processes and maximizing value for your customers.

Certified Experts

You can rely our local certified experts who have a long and solid experience in Consulting and Service Management projects. We continually update our certifications for each new version of the product to ensure that we provide you the best possible solution.

Your Trusted Partner

We always act in your interests and we think about the direct and indirect costs of what we develop and deliver. During our missions, we are proactive and we ensure you get your desired return of investment.


Our applications result from the needs observed on a daily basis by our customers, delivered turnkey, will save you precious time.


ServiceNow Implementation

ServiceNow has many applications and implementing them is not a walk in a park. When done right, ServiceNow implementations becomes the engine for workflow automations, and improved services.

We have depth of process and technical knowledge to do the ServiceNow implementations which lays the solid foundations for organizations digital transformation.

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Work with clients to deliver organizations strategy aligned ServiceNow solution

  2. Apply ServiceNow best practices for ServiceNow solution development

  3. Deliver the solution Intime and within budget with no cost overrun

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ServiceNow managed services

PenPals ServiceNow Managed Services revolutionizes your ServiceNow platform management. Our broad industry knowledge with deep technical knowledge of ServiceNow platform and global delivery model will support your organization. This offering ensures the transition from legacy systems to ServiceNow, redesigning processes and maximizing value for your customers.

It lifts the burden of platform management and frees you to drive your business to new heights.

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Do less and achieve more

  2. Global delivery model

  3. Guaranteed service level driven service

We take care of upgrades, patching, administration, enhancements and workflow automations


Our training will guide you throughout the implementation and guarantee you a quick start of the deployed tool.

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

ServiceNow Advisory services

Companies are taking transformative steps and embarking on end-to-end digital transformation and learning to be agile in rapidly shifting markets.

We have breath of perspective and depth of knowledge to provide ServiceNow advisory services to help organizations make the place of work, work better for its people.

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Create an objective and meaningful assessment of organizations current state

  2. Create ServiceNow roadmap which is aligned to organizations strategy

  3. Provide best in class technical and process consulting with goal of achieving organizations business objectives

Implement a tailored ServiceNow solution based on the understanding of organizations business objectives

ServiceNow Platform Support

Companies using ServiceNow often come across situations where inhouse teams may not have the bandwidth or knowledge for completing sudden burst or complexity of requirements.

Our certified ServiceNow administrators and developers provide exceptional platform support and assistance.

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Access to a team of reliable and responsible certified administrators and developers

  2. Free your team to do more

  3. Training for internal users and stakeholders

  4. Reduce cost of operations

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Maintainance & Administration

No More Stress

You can delegate the support and the administration of your platform. You keep the ownership of the platform and we take care of all the issues you may face.

We Manage your Instance as if it were our Own

We take care of all the updates and patches to ensure the platform is up-to-date and you can profit from all new features of your favorite solution.

ServiceNow UX/UI Experience

Companies are empowering there teams to self-service so that they can succeed with minimum dependencies.

Our service portal experts build portals that can help achieve organizations their self-service goals through great user experience.

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Custom portal based on organizations needs

  2. Improved self-service through knowledge base integration

  3. Automatic process triggering through service portal

  4. Improved efficiency due to less time spend waiting for help to arrive

Companies have their own and unique complex process complexities and business problems.

Custom application development on ServiceNow platform can help solve complex process and business problems by leveraging ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM).  

Benefits and outcomes of advisory services:

  1. Solve complex process and business problems

  2. Leverage ServiceNow CSDB at your advantage

  3. Publish and sell applications on ServiceNow stores

  4. Integrate your applications to ServiceNow through the applications

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

ServiceNow Testing Automation

We provide Automation Testing service with our “Assure Framework” which has a very evolved and intuitive user interface. We offer ‘Testing as a Service’ model with an option of customer ownership.

The framework has the capability to execute tests from a single test to a specific module or to the entire regression suite. It is capable enough to test across multiple browsers and platforms simultaneously.

Our framework is capable to run 25 – 30 tests in parallel with user-friendly reporting features and the documentation of test results is done in PDF format.


  • ServiceNow Operations Support (Managed Services)

  • Custodian of the ServiceNow platform

  • Provide 24x7 support operations

  • Platform level activities pke cloning, release management and upgrade

  • Provide 3 levels of support

  • Shared Services model available for reducing cost of maintenance


ServiceNow Team Outsourcing

Extend your team’s capabilities with ServiceNow Team Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

Forget the tedious and costly recruitment

Get new hands on board without expensive recruitment and staff training. Use Penpals nearshoring services to benefit from the best-matching talents.

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